Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I give this “We Miss You” packet to someone who still practices their faith, but, no
longer attends OLC.  (i.e., they have moved to another parish)?

      Answer:   We prefer to focus on those who no longer practice their faith,
as this is a program to bring people back to the Catholic Church.
However, we would like to receive feedback from folks who are within parish
boundaries but have moved to another parish.  If you should do this, BE SURE
TO REMOVE THE WE MISS YOU BROCHURE as this is geared toward people
who have been away from the Church.

Can I fill out a survey if I’m a practicing Catholic @ OLC?

      Answer:   Again, the Catholics Reaching Out Program’s focus is on those who
have been away from the Catholic faith.  However, we recognize that many 
active OLC parishioners want to give feedback, and we’d like to give them that
opportunity.  Our Pastoral Council will be meeting in 2 weeks to discuss doing 
a parish-wide survey sometime in 2014.  We will keep you posted on this via
our Sunday bulletin.

Can I provide this “We Miss You” packet to someone outside parish boundaries?

      Answer:   Of course, but since we are focusing on reaching out to people within
our parish, the survey would not be applicable so please just provide them with
the “We Miss You” brochure.

Can I provide this packet to someone interested in becoming Catholic?

  Answer:   Yes, and if they are within our parish boundaries, please have them call the  
  rectory, as the phone number is in the packet.

 May I get more than one packet if I care to reach out to more than one person?

       Answer:   ABSOLUTELY!!  Additional packets will be at all the exits today and
       over the next few weeks or feel free to contact the rectory and
we will provide you more.

May I give a new OLC parish handbook and a list of Social Activities to my recipient along with the “We Miss You” brochure?

Answer:   Yes, OLC Parish Handbooks and the Social Committee list of events
      are available at the exits of the Church.

If I have any questions on this process who can I contact?

      Answer:   At the end of Mass, Evangelization Committee Member and I will be
available in the back of church to answer any questions.  Further, my name (Gina
Mesko) and my contact info are in your packet so feel free to contact me.
We would really appreciate your feedback on this process, too.

Our Lady of Charity     610-872-6192
231 Upland Road   Brookhaven, Pa 19015
Monday - Friday 9:30 to 4:30 p.m.
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